Over the past few years my poor blog has been neglected and left out in the cold as I have grown up and my life has changed. I am now a completely different person from the one who started this blog many years ago – in a positive way. This therefore calls for a blog revival and to get back to writing about the things that are important in my life now and the new products I am experiencing – plus my travel stories! My plan for the next month is to give the blog a complete makeover, allowing it to grow into a place for me to write hoping someone may be listening.

This will take some time, but it will be worth it to have a fresh and modern looking blog so wish me luck! I am hoping to have it completely revamped and ready before I travel to Indonesia in July for a much needed break, rest and to see my family! Since I started this blog my sister and father have both moved to different areas of China, so meeting on a beach for a catch up is top of my list and I cannot wait.

Hopefully as the blog progresses, so will my writing and posts that will share my experiences and challenges I am facing after my decision a few years ago to not follow the crowd and go to University. So keep watch, hopefully the blog will now grow like I have.


Valentines day is just around the corner, it is where roses and chocolates are shoved straight into your eyeliner when you enter a shop and every man (and woman) feels immense pressure to make the night perfect and have the most romantic night of their lives. But why does it need to be that way? When you love your partner you don’t need to be getting them roses just because, why not treat them to something they can truly admire and appreciate! To really make your presents stand out you need to go searching in unusual places. To begin my search for my partner I headed straight over to http://www.SportsDirect.com

If you knew my partner, you would know he is absolutely football mad. It was his first love and it is his escape when work stresses get the better of him. It’s why the first unusual present on my list would a pair of Umbro GT Cup SG Mens Football Boots as a spare pair! Firstly as it would save me having to clean his current boots 24/7, secondly because I know he would genuinely love a new pair for football training save ruining his favourite pair (and that’s what Valentines is truly about right? Doing something that means a lot to your partner and not just a cliche!). Finally these boots come in red – I better stick true to the colour of love after all! (Available for only £14 from http://m.sportsdirect.com/mt/www.sportsdirect.com/umbro-gt-cup-sg-mens-football-boots-194039?un_jtt_v_un_PDP=yes&un_jtt_v_un_info=&un_jtt_v_un_pers=&un_jtt_redirect).

My second gift for my partner comes from something he has always secretly wanted so I know it would make him happy! We only have a tiny back garden, hardly any room for a proper goal for him to enjoy his now second love (after myself I hope!). These Sondico Portable Goals from Sports Direct would fit perfectly and send him over the moon. He can be out there enjoying them on Valentines Day whilst I am getting ready for us to go out for the cliche romantic meal! But at least I would know he would be going happy. The goals are available for just £14.99 from http://m.sportsdirect.com/mt/www.sportsdirect.com/sondico-portable-goals-840075?un_jtt_v_un_PDP=yes&un_jtt_v_un_info=&un_jtt_v_un_pers=&un_jtt_redirect


Valentines Gifts from unusual places doesn’t just necessarily apply to where you buy them from but whether you use your head as well as your heart to truly treat your loved one. My partner always likes to try and look his best, but endless shoes get ruined due to his job and muddy football fields. He deserves to look his complete best when being treated to night away from all the stress of daily life, which is why these Kangol Moxy Mid Mens Shoes would be a nice change from his Valentines special football boots, ready for a romantic evening so he feels like the top man I know he is! They are without a doubt an acceptable Valentines gift as it all adds to the mood of a romantic Valentines night when you are both dressed up to the nines! The shoes are only £17 and available from: http://m.sportsdirect.com/mt/www.sportsdirect.com/kangol-moxy-mid-mens-shoes-114323?un_jtt_v_un_PDP=yes&un_jtt_v_un_info=&un_jtt_v_un_pers=&un_jtt_redirect


The penultimate gift that is always a Valentines treat is a new watch. A watch as a gift is always deemed acceptable and always appreciated no matter what the occasion, and getting one for your partner on Valentines means he has no excuse to be late for your date! I love this Slazenger Metal Pilot Mens Watch for only £8.50 from: http://m.sportsdirect.com/mt/www.sportsdirect.com/slazenger-metal-pilot-mens-watch-757170?un_jtt_v_un_PDP=yes&un_jtt_v_un_info=&un_jtt_v_un_pers=&un_jtt_redirect


The final Valentines gift is a little bit cheeky, I love them and they make me laugh. They are completely and utterly acceptable for Valentines Day and hopefully into the night, they are cheeky and make me smile as they would my partner and there is no better reason! I love these Looney Tunes Taz Bocer Shorts Mens, at only £3 there is no way you could say no! Available here: http://m.sportsdirect.com/mt/www.sportsdirect.com/looney-tunes-taz-bocer-shorts-mens-422066?un_jtt_v_un_PDP=yes&un_jtt_v_un_info=&un_jtt_v_un_pers=&un_jtt_redirect


These gifts just show that when it comes to love you shouldn’t follow the cliche! You should go for something that your partner has a passion for and loves, and can make you both smile. Roses may wilt but great memories and laughs will go on forever and that’s what you get when you go looking for Valentines Gifts in Unusal Places!

Perfect family happiness doesnt come from great wealth but great love and appreciation for everything they do for you and with you every day

My family may be 5071miles away(China) but always in my heart they stay,our family happiness sails the sea, forever in my heart they will be

This is our attempt at creating a Mickey Mouse cake, you will have to excuse the quality of the images as currently I have no camera so the webcam have to suffice!! To make the sponge we started off using the base dry ingredients as supplied!!

  • 65g caster sugar
  • 60g Light soft brown sugar
  • 125g self raising flour)
  • 25g Chocolate chips

I actually doubled the quantities above as wanted to make sure I had enough mixture to make two big sponges, as well as Mickeys ears! We then added a few hefty splashes or Vanilla extract, 4 medium eggs, 250g of butter and 2 tbsp of milk! We then mixed it all together until light and creamy. Of course the doubling the cake mixture is also makes allowances for everyone dipping in their fingers for a taste of the mixture (just too good to resist!). 

So we then poured the mixture into two large round baking tins and two smaller ones to make the ears! And popped them into the oven, which had been preheated to 180 degrees Celsius, And left the smaller cakes to bake for 15 minutes and the larger ones for 30 minutes until they were golden brown on the top!

Whilst the cakes were baking in the oven, we moved on to making the butter-cream icing which would grace the middle and top of the cake! We made two separate batches of icing, both flavoured with vanilla extract, but one coloured with yellow food colouring to help make Mickeys face! For the butter-cream we just combined butter and icing sugar until it created the right consistency, bit of guess work going on here!

Once the cakes were done in the oven, we took them out and left them to cool before getting them prepared and in the shape of the one and only Mickey Mouse! The plain butter-cream was then spread along the top of the bottom layer of cake before placing the top on! And then all that was left was to put on the topping and get decorating!! We used chocolate fudge for his ears, eyes and nose, then the yellow butter-cream icing for his face, the white butter-cream icing for his eyes and chocolate chips for his mouth and finishing off Mickeys expression!

And that was Mickey done, sadly I feel maybe the photos do not do him justice! But hey, the kids loved it and it tasted great! It was so much fun to make and I really would recommend giving it a go. Next time I hope to be a little more adventurous with what I make, but was so chuffed with this one! And put it this way.. the mouth and ears quickly went in little fingers and the cake soon followed!

Why not join in the baking fun and enter at: http://blog.appliancesonline.co.uk/dreams/cakes-win-prizes

It comes from Find a Gift!! They are giving away and iPad and guess what it ends in 50minutes, so you better be quick to enter! Surely it will definitely be worth a go! So go on guys, get on it and go and enter, you have nothing to lose but a lot to try and gain!! 😀 😀 Follow this link and it will tell you how to enter!! 😀 http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/funny-blog/post/win-an-ipad3.aspx#.UECM29aPVIG

Further education; the current age for the end of compulsory education is sixteen. Students are then encouraged to go on, do their A levels and then head off to university to study for the next 4 years of their lives. Whereas, if you even consider looking for work instead of studying you are instantly considered a drop-out, people will judge you, say you have no creditable future ahead of you without your A levels or degrees. But what if it really isn’t right for you? Not all career options require you to study, whatever happened to the need for experience? Read the rest of this entry »

So, you’re a girl. You game. You are a girl gamer. Respect? Minimal.

Being a female who gets a great deal of enjoyment when I sit down to play a game on my Xbox, I expect to get just as much respect from fellow gamers, though if you have ever been in a gaming lobby you should know that this would not be the case. As soon as your voice is heard through the microphone you have to prepare yourself for an onset of attacks or abuse, not because you have done something within the game to piss off any other players, but just because you are in fact not male.
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That’s right, its back and we only had to wait six months for the next game in the Call of Duty franchise to be announced. The name that will be on the lips of every gamer over the next six months is Call of Duty: Black Ops; and you know it will be a superior FPS then what you have seen before – well that’s what I’m hoping.
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Colin McRae Dirt brings racing games on the Xbox 360 to life

With graphics, detail and sounds that create an atmosphere making you feel as if you are involved in a real rally, it is no question into why Colin McRae Dirt is appealing to any racing fanatic. Even if you are not the gameplay is sure to get you hooked on one of the best racing games that I have come to experience.
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